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Educational blog about Biology

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Educational blog about Biology

Biology – the science of life

What does biology study?

Biology reports existence in most its symptoms: the framework, operating of their conduct, living microorganisms, shared relationships with one another and also the atmosphere, in addition to the person and historic improvement of the dwelling.

Why modern biology is considered an integrated science?

Modern biology is a system of sciences, each of which studies its subject in depth and in detail. So, biological sciences, studying animals (zoology), plants (botany), bacteria (microbiology), and viruses (virology) have isolated. The structure of organisms explores morphology, the functioning of living systems – physiology, heredity and variability – genetics. However, the main thing is that the knowledge obtained by each of these sciences unites, mutually complemented, enriched and manifested in the form of biological laws and theories that are universal in nature.

Modern biology cannot develop apart from other sciences. Each process or phenomenon, characteristic of living systems, is studied in a comprehensive manner, with the involvement of the latest knowledge of other scientific fields. Therefore, at the present time, biology is integrated with chemistry (biochemistry), physics (biophysics), astronomy (cosmic biology).

Thus, modern biology arose as a result of differentiation and integration of various scientific disciplines and is a complex science.

What is the role of biology in modern society?

The importance of biology in modern society lies in the fact that it serves as the theoretical basis for many sciences. Biological knowledge is used in various spheres of human life.

Obtaining high-quality agricultural products is impossible without the use of biological knowledge about the structure and functioning of plant and animal organisms, the laws of their interaction with the environment, the characteristics of natural and artificial ecosystems, and biological methods of combating agricultural pests.

Biology’s technology decides contemporary medicine’s improvement. Breakthroughs produced in biochemistry structure and genetics provide an individual to be properly diagnosed by the chance, select a fruitful therapy. Obtaining medications, supplements, naturally effective materials that are fresh may resolve of stopping several illnesses, the issue.

Breeders, thanks to knowledge of the laws of heredity and variability, create new high-yield varieties of cultivated plants, highly productive breeds of domestic animals, forms of microorganisms used in the food industry, feed production, and pharmaceuticals.

Biological knowledge is used in technology, they are the theoretical basis for a number of food, light, microbiological and other industries. A new direction of production is developing – biotechnology, which allows solving problems such as food production, finding new sources of energy in the near future.

The solution of the problem of rational use of biological resources, nature protection and the environment is possible only with the application of biology.