Monthly Archives: February 2018

Insects: Life in Flowers (Part 2)

Yet another, without uncertainty rarer, visitor goutweed (Chrisom Perla cornea). Insect with four layers of wings that were greenish and a human body can be, found from the evening. In addition, the blossoms goutweed in hunt of a delicacy to get aphids its larva, painted in green and brown colors, crawling through the afternoon. His […]

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Insects: Life in Flowers (Part 1)

July afternoon. Haze has coated also the cutting and the woods, diving life apnea. In addition, just together with the start of the day coolness of a world arrives to everyday life. Listen to the dull, jangling reaching also the rustle of this grass under foot and the hop. It is essential to go nearer […]

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How Do Bees Communicate?

Many ridicule and objections caused by the right time of Frisch’s use, devoted into their bees’ dances! Many notion that we have been discussing a news notions, in 1926 the very first novel with this particular dilemma has been published the truth is. Frisch wrote at German, and in France. Just a few staff of […]

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How to Write Reviews

The paper known as a book review is thought out to be the kind of review, which offers a brief description of the book and comprises the points of view of an author concerning it. The review of books can be divided into informal review or formal ones. Comparable to any academic writing task, the […]

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Ground Beetles (Part 2)

Wrapped restricted at a chrysalis, larva “resting” for a two or three months, and at the top of the summer, this lighting looks a beetles. It only spring will likely render tissues, though will seek and collect power. Grain beetle (Sabras Tenebrio ides) can be just a dwarf in contrast to this famous agents of […]

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